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What Others Say

Liz is one of the best PR professionals I have ever worked with in over 17 years in the business. Apart from getting on like a house on fire together - which is great - she goes from 0 to 60 in two seconds, grasping briefs quickly, rattling out brilliant ideas like a machine gun, and getting the job done quickly and efficiently. If I could bottle and sell Liz's enthusiasm and ability I'd make a fortune.

Caroline Boots, Head of Communications for BBC English Regions (Midlands and East of England)

Liz Hyder is as efficient as she is enthusiastic. Incredibly diligent she gets the job done with lightning speed and a sense of humour. Independent, hard-working and full of original ideas, I never want to work with another PR, she's the best.

Hannah Khalil, playwright, Plan D (Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden)

A brilliant PR consultant, Liz is thorough, energetic, hard-working, fun, efficient and has an extensive list of contacts. I can’t recommend her enough.

Anwen Hooson, Director, Riot Communications

I’ve worked with Liz both at the BBC and as a freelancer - she was a star of the BBC Publicity Department, always in big demand to manage campaigns, and now it’s great to see her bringing her many qualities to work on a variety of projects. She has charm, a rare energy, an impressive commitment to developing things she believes in, a talent for making the right contacts and a seemingly always on the money instinct for what will work. She’s the sort of person you want in your corner.

Danny Robins, Comedian, Writer, Presenter and Journalist

Liz helped us secure widespread national media coverage at a critical time in our campaign and at short notice. She was also able to enlist the support of a number of high profile public figures and celebrities which boosted our cause considerably.  The resulting exposure in the press, radio and television raised awareness of our campaign to a level which we had not enjoyed for a number of years and played a significant role in attracting a large upswing in public support.

Bill Hodgson, Chair and spokesperson for the McGuffins Film Society and Save Walthamstow Cinema campaign

Liz has worked tirelessly and tenaciously promoting the festival this year. She’s secured press and broadcast coverage of the festival in important local, regional and national media. Her efforts and the publicity she’s gained for the festival have been far beyond our expectations.

Lyn Jones, Vice-Chair, Ludlow Festival

Liz approaches PR with a mega-enthusiasm that can't be faked, because she takes on projects that she's passionate about. Like a professional puppy with a favourite new squeak toy, she'll ardently promote your work because she loves it... the fact that she's also incredibly well connected and universally liked is just a bonus!

Isabel Fay, Comedy Writer & Performer

Liz Hyder combines the gift for quick-witted original thinking with a diligence that goes beyond professionalism. She enjoys collaborating and is excellent at dealing with different sorts of people as well as writing effectively to the press in different contexts. She was instrumental in the success of Krapp, 39 at the Tristan Bates Theatre and we would love to work with her again.

Chris White, Theatre Director and co-Director of The Foxrock Foundation

Liz Hyder does what she does (exceptionally well) for all the right reasons. With sound judgement, wit and flair she has been integral to our project, opening doors and getting us noticed by the right people. I would recommend her to anyone; a warm professionalism, passion and sense of fun makes makes it an enjoyably successful ride.

Alex Crampton, Theatre Director, A Doll’s House (Arcola Theatre, London)

I have known Liz Hyder for over 10 years and have worked with her on several short films and other projects. I have always found her to be outstandingly creative, committed and completely professional. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Kerry McLeod, Documentary Film-maker and Producer, Mosaic Films and the Documentary Filmmakers Group (DFG)